ED vs. Healthy eating? Fact or fiction?

Nowadays we know the exact relationship between Erectile Dysfuction (ED) and commonly seen disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertrygliseridemia, smooking and heavy consumption of alcohol. On the other hand, the possible relationship between ED and healthy eating has not been defined yet. The possible relationship between ED and healthy eating took great interest for several researchers. Recently in an investigation, published in JAMA, the effect of healthy meals and specific diet was investigated in 21469 with a mean age of 62-years. In this study the patients were follow-up in a 10 years period which undoubtly increased the quality and reliability of the data. Men who took a high score Mediterranean diet including fish, nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables where compared to men who took low score Mediterranean food. This study clearly showed that healthy dietary patterns was associated with a lower risk for erectile dysfunction, suggesting that healthy dietary pattern plays an important role preventing the development of erectile dysfunction.