Urooncology Diseases and Treatments

1. Prostate cancer:

Usually seen in older men. There are several methods to treat prostate cancer. However the preferred method for the prostate cancer treatment depends on the stage of the disease

2. Bladder cancer:

In this type of cancer which is known to be closely related to smoking, the first sign is mostly urinary bleeding. Most of the bladder cancers are diagnosed at the early stage, and are inclined to reoccur frequently and to advance if not treated. In patients who apply with urinary bleeding, the urinary bladder is examined for tumor using cystoscopy.

3. Testicular Tumors:

Testicular tumors are important as they may be seen in young males at reproductive age and can be treated at high rates with appropriate life-saving therapies.

4. Kidney cancer: Is a rarely seen type of cancer. On the other hand, delayed diagnosis is a real danger for human life.Because the main symptom is bleeding during urination, every patient having this symptom must apply to a physician